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Operating instructions

Thank you for purchasing my Paris culinary recommendation app, I am confident that it will make your stay in Paris interesting, enriching, and delicious.
The recommendations are presented through an application to which you will receive a link via email. The application is only designed for use on your cell phone.
You do not need to download the app to your phone. Accessing the link activates the app on your phone.
In order to log into the application, you will need your gmail account’s username and password.
The application can only be accessed if your gmail account is activated on your phone.

This page explains how to operate the application. Although using the application is friendly and intuitive, reading the instructions will give you access to options that will make it easier to use, as well as features you might miss.
It is possible and recommended to read this page (operating instructions) on your computer screen for convenience.

On the application’s home page you will find a link to this page, so that you can access it at any time if you encounter a problem or question.

Wishing you a fascinating and delicious trip to Paris
Greetings, Ran


This application is only compatible with your cell phone, you can’t access it from your computer.

It is recommended that you open the application and read through the recommendations at home before traveling to Paris. In this way, you can plan your trip, choose what you want to see, and book restaurants before your trip.

Open the application using the link in the email you received.

– If you are activating the link for the first time, you will reach a page that says “In order to enter the app please click the link” – click the red link.

– Now you will be transferred to an intermediate screen with a message to wait for an automatic redirection to a login page (most users will see this page quickly, others will have to wait).

– You will immediately be redirected to a Google login page where you will need to select your Gmail user name (the Gmail you used to purchase the app).

– You will then be transferred to the “My Plans” page, which contains links to the products you bought (see illustration).

– Click on the “Recommendation app” link and you will be directed to the application.

– Click on the “Advice and Tips” link to access the Culinary Advice and Tips page for Paris.
Before your trip to Paris, check out this bonus page to make your trip more enjoyable.

Your next visit to the application or tips page will automatically take you to the desired page.

The app

Location services (GPS) must be enabled in your cell phone’s settings before you can use the application.

Once you click the link, the application page will open on your phone – tap once with your finger on the map to expand the application to fill the entire screen.
The app is now ready for use.

When you are in Paris and using the application, press the round button on the top left of the map (shown in the picture) to activate map navigation (after activating GPS location services on your phone). Your location will appear on the map as a flashing blue marker at that moment.
With the blue marker, you can track your progress through the city streets towards the point you are interested in. Neither walking routes nor directions to the point are provided by the app.
* If you are out of Paris, do not activate map navigation, as the map will move to your location.
* If you use an iPhone and the navigation does not work, please open the app in Chrome.

The application consists of two parts – one is a map of Paris showing the recommended points and the second is a legend, which is the informative part inside a sliding window that can be opened and closed.

On opening the application, a general explanation of the application will appear on the panel. You can raise it to read it in its entirety, or lower it to half the screen or completely down with the touch of a finger (see picture).

In the top bar, you will find an arrow that allows you to return to the previous screen. Remember this because it’s one of the most useful tools.

In the application, there are culinary categories, each with its own color, and under each category are recommended points.
When you click on a category, its recommended points are displayed. Clicking on a point and the information panel about it opens half-way, clicking again will open the entire panel, so you can see the address, recommendation details, opening times, and a link to its website.
If you visit the website of the recommended place, you can verify updated information, see the contents, menu, prices, and book a table for dinner.
For your convenience, the number after Paris is the district number.

When traveling in Paris, lower the category panel to allow the map to appear fully on the phone screen.
Two fingers can be used to enlarge or reduce the map.
One finger movement moves the map from place to place.
When you touch a recommended point on the map, its information panel will appear half-way up, allowing you to see if it is the point you wanted. If it is, another touch will bring up all the information about it.

If you open a particular category in the category panel and collapse the panel, only the points of that category will appear on the map.
Back arrow will take you back to all categories and the map that includes all categories.

On the top bar you will find “Search a place“, enter the name of the place you are looking for, and it will appear on the recommendation map so you can get there directly.

To read the app’s general explanation, click on the three dots above the categories panel on the right side. By clicking on them, the category screen will disappear and the general explanation will appear.
You can access the “Operating Instructions” of the application from the top of this page if you have any trouble using it or have questions.

Furthermore, if you turn the phone horizontal (and you have enabled screen flipping in the device settings), the legend will appear on the left side (in categories or points view) next to the map, which is always visible on the right. This type of display will be preferred by some users. It’s up to you.

The app | more info

The order of restaurants and shops in each category is random and does not indicate priority.
The link to the store or restaurant’s website will let you know its opening hours and allow you to reserve a table.

This app refers to normal opening times during normal seasons. If you are traveling during local holidays or in July – August (some businesses are closed), check the specific opening times of shops and restaurants.

Paris has many recommended places (restaurants and shops) with many branches. To avoid overloading the directory panel, if there are more than two or three branches, the directory will list only a couple. For culinary brands, however, additional branches are essential that are not listed in the directory but appear on the map. This includes the information required for each branch, so you will not miss it on your trip to the city if you pass by one.

I ate at all the restaurants recommended in my app, bought and tasted at all shops recommended in my app. My judgement aims for professional criteria, but it is subjective, and what works for me may not work for you. In addition, we should remember that there is a service that may be more or less successful on any given evening at a restaurant. After all, we are all human. Therefore, these are recommendations, not promises.

In order to avoid a biased choice of Michelin stars, I intentionally do not detail Michelin stars in my guide.

The application is not suitable for kosher keepers, nor for people with food allergies or sensitivities, nor for people who cannot eat certain food products. It is the responsibility of each user of the application to ensure that the products he purchases and eats in the stores and restaurants listed are suitable for him.

Every day, businesses open, close, and change addresses in Paris. I personally dedicate resources to updating this app online on a regular basis. By definition, closings and changes of address always precede updates, so the recommendation here is not a guarantee that what is true today will also be true tomorrow. It is recommended that you check the business website before you arrive to confirm the current address and opening hours.

Usually, food businesses in Paris remain stable over the years, but with the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, things are changing rapidly. Meal prices also vary from time to time, so check the restaurant’s website before ordering.

You have purchased access to this application. You have purchased the right of self-use for a specified period of time only. You may not share screenshots, prints, links, or access to this application or any part of it with another party, nor may you publish it publicly.
Violation of this condition violates copyright. Ran Vardi Ⓒ 2019

Professional advice & tips page

As a special bonus for the buyers of my recommendation app, I chose to provide you with a special page dedicated to valuable culinary and general advice and tips for Paris visiters, gathered over years of visits and extended stays in the city and intimate knowledge of Parisian culinary. I strongly recommend that you spend a few minutes reading this page. It will be very helpful for your stay in the city, especially regarding culinary highlights.
By following the recommendations on this page, you will be able to make your trip successful and avoid disappointments caused by a lack of knowledge.

The link to the “Advice and Tips Cluster” was sent to you in an email with the set of recommendations, and you can also find it in the green bar at the top of my website.
It is only accessible to you if you have been authorized as an evaluation purchaser, using your Gmail account name and password.

After using the app for a few minutes, you will become accustomed to the interface and the operation will become intuitive.
With this app, you can discover all the right places in Paris and the information relevant to them at any given moment.
My recommendations are constantly updated online, so you will always have the most up-to-date version throughout the subscription period you purchased.
Please let me know if a recommended spot has closed, changed its address or its opening hours have changed. You can reach me by email at

Enjoy your vacation
Greetings, Ran

You have purchased access to this application. You have purchased the right of self-use for a specified period of time only.
You may not share screenshots, prints, links, or access to this application or any part of it with another party, nor may you publish it publicly.
Violation of this condition violates copyright.   Ran Vardi Ⓒ 2019

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