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The HungryParis.com website and blog are operated by Ran Vardi which will be called “HungryParis” in these regulations.
In addition to serving as a culinary blog, HungryParis is a platform for selling products and services related to culinary in France.
HungryParis’s email address for any questions, requests or support needs: ran@hungryparis.com

In these regulations, anyone who uses the website and blog or purchases products or services through it is referred to as “the user”, whether it is an individual or a corporation.
Both sexes are addressed equally by these regulations, which are written in masculine language for simplicity.
These regulations may be updated from time to time without notice or special mention on the site or its channels. Site terms of purchase may also change from time to time. There will be no complaints from the user in this regard.

Using the site’s products and services constitutes agreement with the site’s regulations, terms of use, and privacy policy. It is imperative that you read them carefully.

HungryParis offers users a range of products and services related to French culinary.
In relation to the purchase and use of the services and products that the website sells, these regulations constitute a binding agreement between HungryParis and the user. You agree and confirm that you have read this regulation and accept everything stated in it when you use this website. In order to purchase a product or service through this website, you must read and agree to these regulations at the time of purchase. This is reflected in the marking where you indicate that you’ve done so.

HungryParis is not liable for disruption or interruption of internet services in France or abroad that prevent the use of its products or services. Use of some of the site’s products and services requires a cell phone and a surfing package abroad, which are the sole responsibility of the user.
The website’s products or services are only intended for users over the age of 18. Young people under this age are required to be accompanied by an adult over 18.
HungryParis will operate the site 24 hours a day, except in the case of malfunctions or constraints that force us to shut down the site and its products. The user accepts temporary shutdowns when using the services. In the event of a malfunction or constraint, HungryParis will do everything that it can to restore activity as quickly as possible. The user is aware of the possibility of such malfunctions, and the site will not be liable for any claim.
In order to use some of HungryParis services (Self guided culinary tour app, culinary recommendation app), the user must create a Gmail account. A personal Gmail account on his mobile device is the only way to access these products and services. This is a protection and control measure that limits the use of products and services to those who have purchased them. A Gmail account is a requirement for using the site’s products, and the user is aware of this requirement.

All products, services, and content sold By HungryParis website, as well as all content published on the blog are the property of Ran Vardi©.
The information on the HungryParis.com website or HungryParis applications may not be copied, reproduced, downloaded, reproduced, photographed, recorded, stored, published, or shared in any way that would violate the copyright of the site.
You may not use the site’s or apps contents, logo, text, images, or video for any purpose without the express, written, and prior consent of Ran Vardi.
Self guided culinary tours app and culinary recommendations app are services that users paid for and received a time-limited right to use only for their own personal use. There is a prohibition on transferring photographs, prints, links, or access to these products and services or parts of them. In addition, these products and services cannot be published publicly, traded in, or transferred to other individuals. Any person who violates this condition is responsible for all the legal consequences that follow.
In the event of a copyright violation, the user will be immediately denied access to the product or service, regardless of whether legal proceedings are initiated.
HungryParis’s services and all content available through them are the exclusive property of Ran Vardi and are protected by international copyright laws.

A food tour with me in Paris 
Paris’ guided tour is led by Ran Verdi, who personally guides users through the city streets.
This tour is not kosher, vegan, or suitable for people with food sensitivities or disabilities.
On the tour, some of the tastings may contain sugar, gluten, salt, nuts, sesame, various spices, and raw materials that are not suitable for those with food sensitivities, allergies, or restrictions. It is recommended that people with food sensitivities do not purchase the tour. Every tour participant is responsible for tasting and eating according to his or her personal limitations.
The guide will do everything he can to ensure the safety of the user during a culinary tour in Paris. In any case, it is the sole responsibility of the user to choose the exact walking path along the tour route. Road safety and safety in general during the tour are the sole responsibility of the user.
It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the safety and health of the minors accompanying their parents on the tour.
Food products sold in the restaurants and shops on the guided tour are the sole responsibility of the restaurants and shops. As a third party, the website cannot be held liable for the performance of the shops and restaurants that we will visit on these tours.

Paris self-guided culinary tour app 
An app is used to conduct the tour, which is independent and does not include a guide. It is the user’s responsibility to pay for the tastings recommended in the independent culinary tour with his own money. The tastings are not included in the purchased culinary tour. Prior to purchase, this is clarified on the self-guided tour page. 

The tour is not kosher, vegetarian or vegan, and is not suitable for those with food sensitivities or disabilities. There are some tastings recommended on the tour that may contain sugar, gluten, salt, nuts, sesame, different spices, and raw materials that are not suitable for people with sensitivities, allergies, or restrictions regarding food consumption. Those who are sensitive to food components are advised not to purchase the tour.
In order to meet most of the shops along the tour when they are open, it is recommended that the tour be performed on specific days and times. To ensure that restaurants, shops, and markets are open when the user arrives, it is his responsibility to update himself on the calendar of holidays and vocation dates used in Paris. During the months of July and especially August, some shops along our tour will be closed.

To use the independent tours app and the recommendations app, the user must have a cell phone with a mobile surfing package that works in France.
Users are solely responsible for choosing the exact walking path along the tour route when navigating with the application. The user is responsible for all matters related to road safety and safety in general during the tour. Despite our efforts to ensure the routes are safe and comfortable, self-guided tours are independent and are not guided by a guide on our behalf, and the users are accountable for setting off and walking the route safely. HungryParis assumes no responsibility for the safety of its users or participants.
In the event that children use the site’s products or services, they must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.
Using the application, the user is permitted to make an independent tour when accompanied by other people on the same tour with him and when using one mobile phone device jointly. It refers to the user’s specific tour only and is one-time. It is not permitted to transfer the ability to use Hungry Paris’s products and services to anyone who does not use them jointly and simultaneously with the user who purchased the tour. This permit gives the user the right to add additional people who will use the products and services together with him during a joint stay in Paris. After leaving Paris, however, he cannot transfer his right to use the products or services.
Restaurants and shops are solely responsible for the quality of food products they sell on the self-guided tour app or recommendation app. HungryParis can not be held responsible for the performance of third-party shops and restaurants.
Before purchase, the user was informed that the validity of the service was limited to six months from the date of purchase. The user will no longer be able to access the service or product after this period.

Paris’s culinary recommendations app
The app contains recommendations that are not kosher or suitable for people with food sensitivities or disabilities. Only one category in the app refers to vegetarian and vegan restaurants and shops.
Products in the shops and restaurants recommended in the app may contain sugar, gluten, salt, nuts, sesame, spices, materials that are not suitable for those with sensitivities, allergies, and food restrictions. Those with food sensitivities should not purchase or rely on the app during their trip to Paris. Ultimately, it is the user’s responsibility to exercise discretion and personal control.

The information about the opening hours and days of restaurants and shops comes from their publications. HungryParis is not responsible for any changes in the actual opening dates and hours. HungryParis will update the opening times as soon as it is notified of a change. To ensure restaurants, shops and markets are open when he arrives in Paris, the user must keep himself informed of the calendar of holidays and dates. He can do this by looking at the restaurants and shops websites, provided in the app. This is because any restaurant or shop may change their opening hours without updating HungryParis.
The user of the recommendation app must have a mobile phone with a mobile browsing package that works in France.
The user is solely responsible for selecting the exact walking path between the points of interest in the app. Everything related to road safety and safety in general when walking in Paris is the responsibility of the user when following the app’s recommendations. Users are responsible for walking the route and maintaining their own safety.
HungryParis will not be responsible for the actions of its participants or users.
Using the HungryParis’s products and services is intended for adults over the age of 18, and children must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.
Those recommendations can be used by the user alone when accompanied by others on the same tour. The permit is for one-time use and is only valid for the specific tour the user performs. Any party that does not use the app together and jointly with the user and at the same time cannot use the recommendations app. In simple terms, the user may invite additional people to enjoy the app alongside him during a joint Paris stay. However, the user is not permitted to transfer the right to access the app after he leaves Paris.
It is solely the responsibility of the restaurants and stores to ensure the quality of the food products sold in their stores and restaurants. Recommended shops and restaurants, which are third parties with which HungryParis has no connection, cannot be held accountable for their performance.
Prior to purchase, the user was informed that this service had a limited validity period (six months from the date of purchase). By the end of this period, the user will no longer be able to access the app.

Cancellation policy
After the link to the apps (the self-guided tour app and the culinary recommendations app) has been emailed to the user, it will not be possible to cancel and receive a refund.
After purchase, the user receives access to a virtual digital product.
The purchase of any app is final. If the right to use an application has been acquired and transferred to the user, HungryParis will not refund the user’s payment.

Cancellation rules for “Food tour with me in Paris”
1. User may cancel his participation in a guided tour with me up to 15 days before the scheduled date. He will receive a full refund minus 5% (handling fees, clearing fees, and credit fees).

2. Users who cancel their tour within 14 days or less of the scheduled date will not receive a refund. If this occurs, the ordering customer will be eligible to participate in one of the website’s food tours in Paris free of charge during the following year.
If a guest’s participation in a guided tour in Paris is cancelled due to a general epidemic declared by the French government, or due to a confirmed cancellation of the guest’s flight to Paris by the airline, the guest will be entitled to a full refund minus 5% (handling fees, clearance fees, and credit).
An email cancellation must be sent to ranvardi@gmail.com. The date of arrival of the email in the box determines the date of cancellation.

Operating a guided tour in Paris depends on a minimum number of participants; in the case of a minority, the site will notify registered users via email if their tour is cancelled. In such a case, the site will refund the customers who paid in full the fee or allow them to participate on another date of their choice. Email addresses entered by customers when purchasing on the website will be used for communication.

Privacy policy
Users’ information entered into HungryParis’s website will not be shared with third parties for commercial purposes.
Using the user’s email address as a parameter allows him access to HungryParis’s products and services.
The user expressed a desire to receive mailings from both the website and the blog when he indicated his desire to join the blog’s mailing list. The users who joined the mailing list expressed their desire to receive mailings from the website and blog.
Users can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time by clicking on the option at the bottom of any mailing they receive.

Customer service
For any questions, requests, or support needs, please email: ran@hungryparis.com

Any legal dispute between HungryParis and the user arising out of the use of the site’s products and services, including any arising out of events, occurrences, or claims abroad, shall be subject to Israeli law and will be arbitrated in Tel Aviv by Israeli courts only.
All disputes will be arbitrated only on an individual basis and not as part of a class action or consolidated arbitration


Ran Vardi (HungryParis)
Address: 22 Sold st. Ramat Hasharon 4722576 Israel

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