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Paris Food Guide App

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restaurants in paris

Paris Food Guide App

restaurants in Paris
best paris food tour

A fresh and fragrant baguette with the perfect crust

Stunning millefeuille cake that will melt your heart

An exciting meal at the hidden family bistro

Crazy cheeses we bought from the right fromager

The giant deli that has all the best food in the world

The best meal of our lives at this creative restaurant

Discovering an adorable boutique market full of delicacies

Paris’s best onion soup provides comfort

A dessert prepared by a world champion chef pâtissier

What is Paris' food guide app?

Our boutique service provides you with the highest quality, trendy, and hottest food recommendations in Paris.
The most outstanding offerings in every culinary field in Paris are refined into a list and navigation map.
Our recommendations are professional rather then touristy.
All the culinary categories you can imagine, everything you’ve ever dreamed of in Paris – only the best.

It is a live, online service that is updated constantly, so you will have access to the latest recommendations whenever you decide to fly to Paris.

What does the Paris Food Guide app contain?

  1. Paris food recommendations app, features an interactive navigation map with nearly 300 points that are the best in Parisian food shops, markets and restaurants, with detailed information for each point recommended. It is a user-friendly web-based app, so there is no need to download the app on to your phone, and it is user-friendly.
    For the duration of your stay in Paris, you will have access to the best of Parisian food at your fingertips. This application is designed for mobile phones.

  2. Professional advice and tips page, with a culinary emphasis to help you make the most of your trip to Paris.

Paris Food Guide App categories

Paris best restaurants
Paris best restaurants
Paris best restaurants
Paris best restaurants
Paris best restaurants
Paris best restaurants
Paris best restaurants

Make your trip to Paris much more worthwhile!

In the end, your experience is determined by the places you visit

Don't waste your time on disappointments

Paris Food Guide App

restaurants in Paris

Ran Vardi - French culinary expert

My name is Ran, I founded HungryParis and I edit the Paris Food Guide app.

As a French culinary expert and researcher with over 30 years of experience and a deep understanding of French food culture, I founded HungryParis and created the Paris Food Guide App. Drawing from my extensive knowledge and intimate acquaintance with the Parisian food scene, I have compiled the most comprehensive and reliable set of recommendations for the city’s high-quality patisseries, fromageries, delicatessens, and restaurants.

As the culinary capital of the world and the most visited city on the planet, Paris can be overwhelming and full of tourist traps. My mission with HungryParis is to help you avoid disappointment and make your trip to the city truly unforgettable by guiding you to the best dining experiences it has to offer. I’m excited to share my passion for French cuisine with you and help you discover the flavors of Paris.


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I purchased the app, how long will it be available to me?

Upon purchase, you will have access to the app for six months

How many recommendations does the app offer?

There are currently more then 300 recommendations of the best options. These 300 recommendations are broken down into 16 different culinary categories.
Quality is the determining factor, not quantity, and the list is constantly updated and modified based on the latest developments in Paris.
This is not an “everything-is-there” list of 2,000 recommendations that is not practical, not sorted, and you won’t know what to choose. Listed here are the best in each category, each one is a gem. Our goal is to provide you with only the best experiences in Paris.

How to use the app?

Prior to your trip, it is recommended that you carefully read the operating instructions attached to the app, open the app and the tips page at home, and read through the recommendations comfortably. There are detailed explanations and recommendations for each recommended place. On the map, you can see where each place is located and plan your trip from there.
After arriving in Paris, open the app on your phone and use the map to navigate your way along all the recommendations.

What are the requirements for purchasing the app?

It is necessary to have a Gmail account. You will be asked to enter a Gmail address when purchasing the app, through which you will be able to access the app.

Is the app easy to use?

Anyone can operate the kit because it is simple and intuitive.
There’s no need to download an app on to your phone.
By reading the operating instructions page attached to the application, you will be aware of every feature of the app. In addition, your enjoyment and efficiency will be maximized.

Can I share the app I purchased with others?

This app is only available for personal use and cannot be transferred.
The app will not be accessible to other users.

In the app, how is navigation done on the map?

The app has an interactive map that shows all the recommended points according to the color of the categories. Your location appears as a flashing blue marker on the map. By using the blue marker, you can track your progress through the city streets to the point you are interested in.
Walking routes are not dictated by the app, nor are directions shown.

Are the recommendations kosher, vegan, or suitable for dietary restrictions?

In most cases, the places recommended in the app are not kosher or do not hold kosher certificates. One category in the kit addresses vegans and vegetarians.
In addition, it does not address those with sensitivities, allergies, and medical or dietary restrictions.

The app recommends a lot of places. Do you know them all?

My recommendations are all first-hand. I have eaten at and enjoyed every restaurant I recommend, I have tasted and purchased products at every store I recommend.
The recommendations in the app are all objective, and the businesses listed in the app did not pay to be featured.

Are the app's opening times guaranteed?

Opening times of shops and restaurants change from time to time. Due to this, there may be gaps in the app’s data. Please keep in mind that most shops and restaurants are closed in August and on holidays in Paris.

Can I search by location rather than category?

The application includes a search box that allows you to search for a place by name. If it appears in the recommended list, you will be taken to the location on the map and given details about it

How does this app differ from recommendations on other online platforms?

There are many platforms on the Internet where restaurant recommendations are published. Some of these platforms have an unprofessional voice, some have self-recommendations, some have business interest and some do not reflect reviews from actual customers.
In order to prevent bias from interested parties, the app is not open for reviews from the general public and there is no business relationship between me and the places that are recommended in my app. Instead, The app focuses on my personal quality assessments based on decades of culinary experience and close understanding of French food culture. additionally, the app offers recommendations for 12 categories that are not restaurants, categories without opinions on any other platform.


The app is an excellent idea, and it's the first time I'm able to enjoy every moment abroad without making mistakes, without being disappointed, and without wasting time.
Daniel Sullivan
Travel Tech entrepreneur
With all the recommended places already known in advance, it was a completely different trip for us. The experience was great, and we highly recommend it.
המלצות לפריז
Katz family
My wife and I had an amazing time on our trip to Paris thanks to Ran and HungryParis's app. We can't even describe what crazy places, confectioners from the Premier League, and delicious flavors we experienced.
ערכת המלצות לפריז
Ned Chaney
travel enthusiast
It is an impressive list of recommendations. Although I only used part of them, every store was excellent. It would have been impossible for me to discover unique places on my own.
המלצות לפריז
Dana Abecasis
Real estate consultant
Having subscribed to Ren's French culinary blog, I didn't hesitate to fly to Paris with the HungryParis app. Thanks to this app we have eaten at some of the best restaurants we have ever been to.
המלצות קולינריות לפריז
Yan Markin
Cyber analyst
סיור קולינרי בפריז
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