Ran Vardi about French culinary and beyond

Paris food tour

It is the mission of HungryParis to make the wonderful French culinary experience and Parisian food more accessible to foodies around the world. It is our mission to present you with the best places, the finest food, and high quality professional guidance. Providing you with high quality expert knowledge and useful in-depth information about French cuisine is our top priority.
Our unique added value will continue to be shared by offering you a Paris culinary recommendations app, which will show you all the newest and best foodie gems in Paris, as well as our self-guided Paris culinary tours offering an audio GPS app for visitors to walk around and visit the recommended shops and restaurants in Paris. Our unique culinary tours provide you with in-depth professional information.
Using audible explanations, we help you gain a deeper understanding of French culture by emphasizing quality content, in-depth knowledge, and practical tips.
Our Paris audio tours app will soon be available in English.

Paris food tour
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